Arts Award

Cyan Class- Bronze Arts Award Part B

This week, Cyan class visited Stamford Arts Centre to see the Habitat exhibition by Rutland and Stamford Embroiderers’ Guild. We spoke to two members of the guild about their work and asked them questions about their materials and processes. We enjoyed a demonstration of tying French knots, and were even given some embroidery thread and beads so that we could have a go at some of our own!


Sapphire Class- Bronze Arts Award Part A

Sapphire class worked on their drypoint intaglio printmaking project this week. We inked up our acrylic plates using scrim, then wiped the excess ink away to reveal the design we scratched in last week. We then ran the plate through the printing press, transferring the image onto heavyweight paper. We got some lovely results!


Indigo Class- Silver Arts Award

Indigo class have been working on a self-initiated project to create an illustrated poetry anthology. This week we finished off our individual illustrations, then discussed the layout and paper stock we’d like to use for the printed book. We’re looking forward to seeing the finished results! 

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