Below are some examples of artwork completed with Art Stars by primary school children. Please click on a photo to enlarge.


John Clare Primary School

We devised some workshops based on the National Gallery’s Take One Picture project, which the whole school took part in. Each class investigated the painting ‘Men of the Docks’ by George Bellows and produced artwork relating to the themes within the image.


Copthill School

Over the course of three sessions, year 5 produced acrylic paintings based on the colourful artwork of Texas based contemporary artist Starla Halfmann.


Nene Valley Primary School

Over the course of two days, each class participated in a workshop to produce artwork on the theme of ‘Under the Sea’ for a school exhibition at the end of their Arts Week.


St John’s Church School

The students worked on a variety of different projects over several terms which culminated in a whole school art exhibition at the end of the summer term.