Arts Award


Sapphire class are currently working towards their Bronze Arts Award. As part of the award, the students are asked to experience and review different arts events as an audience member. We took part in a virtual tour of the National Gallery in London and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam; we welcomed local urban artist Korp to the studio to do a talk about his work; we visited Stamford Arts Centre to attend an exhibition by the Stamford and Rutland Photographic Society. Here is another of the students’ reviews!

Arts Award

Sapphire Class

Sapphire class are currently working towards their Bronze Arts Award. As part of the award, the students are asked to experience and review different arts events as an audience member. We took part in a virtual tour of the National Gallery in London and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam; we welcomed local urban artist Korp to the studio to do a talk about his work; we visited Stamford Arts Centre to attend an exhibition by the Stamford and Rutland Photographic Society. Here is one of the students’ reviews!


Arts Award

Cerise Class

Our talented artists in Cerise class received their Arts Award Explore level certificates this week! They are currently working towards the Bronze level award. Congratulations!

Arts Award Success!

A HUGE congratulations to our latest cohort of Arts Award students! We were delighted to present four Bronze and five Silver certificates last week. This was the first time we have delivered the Silver level, which is an accredited qualification equivalent to a higher grade GCSE, and the group worked hard over the course of a whole school year to complete each unit ☺️ We have now awarded a total of 22 Discover, 15 Explore, 14 Bronze (with another ten students currently working towards this) and 5 Silver Awards since Art Stars began three years ago. We’re so proud of all our students! 

Bronze and Silver Presentation

Arts Award- Visit to Stamford Arts Centre

Cerise Class

On Tuesday 26th March, Cerise class visited Stamford Arts Centre to see an exhibition called ‘Textured Compositions’, featuring work by artists Emma Burt and Tony Nero. The visit was for Part B of the Bronze award, which involves participants attending arts events as part of the audience. Each student took notes as they viewed the artwork on display, then wrote a review back at the studio.

We were excited to get the opportunity to speak to Emma and Tony, who were on hand to tell us more about their work and to answer our questions!

IMG_3997 - Copy (2)

Our Reviews


‘We went to see an exhibition called Textured Compositions, which had work made by Emma Burt plus Tony Nero. It featured Emma’s textiles work such as weaving, printing- also Tony’s paintings.

‘When we went to Stamford Arts Centre I had many favourites but I chose to have my picture taken with these two (see photo below) as I liked Emma’s textiles work. I like the way she produces her work which is by taking a photo, then sketching, printing and then finally weaving. She likes to take photos of lichen and other things. The weaving is called Under the Sea and the top hoop is called Sunset Hoop. 

‘When we went to the exhibition my first impressions were all the lovely vibrant colours which were around the room, also the set out of the art. The photos were arranged so that you could see them clearly and also so they were more impactful and noticeable.

‘At the exhibition there were may pieces that stood out from the rest. These were;

Sunset Hoop by Emma Burt which was an embroidered sunset which I liked because of the textures and colours.

In The Thick Of It because it was a birch landscape which looked natural and was very clear of what it was. This piece of art was made by Tony Nero.

Rush by Tony Nero was a dramatic seascape- it caught my eye because of its colours and the beauty of it.

New Life by Tony Nero was a painting with natural items incorporated into it.

Coral and Starfish by Emma Burt was a weaving which had blues and peachy colours- it looked really beautiful.

Under the Sea by Emma Burt was a weaving which was all bluey colours and also was beautiful, and in addition it actually looked like the sea.

‘The theme to this exhibition was texture because of Emma’s weaving and Tony’s application of paint. This exhibition was different to ones I had seen as it had more than one art style and type of art so it makes each piece of art you look at unique.’




‘On the 26th April, we visited an exhibition on Textured Compositions featuring two artists: Emma Burt and Tony Nero. 

‘This was my favourite piece of work (see photo below). It was a portrait drawn by Tony Nero. This stood out for me because it was so detailed and realistic. Another favourite was produced by Emma Burt. This was one of my favourites because I loved the colours she used and then the darker coloured detail on top.

‘I really enjoyed the Stamford Arts Centre. This is because we got to see lots of different artwork that was very inspiring. Also, I enjoyed meeting the artists as they were very nice and lovely to talk to, they really explained how they produced their artwork or whether it was challenging. Moreover, I loved the way the gallery was laid out because the colours really contrasted well with each other, and it was very spaced out and clean.’




‘The exhibition was Textured Compositions, and we visited on 26th March 2019. The artists were Emma Burt and Tony Nero.

‘My first impressions when I arrived were how random the paintings were. I was expecting them all to be the dame kind of paintings. I think the paintings were arranged like that to make you think and look. A particular work of art that stood out was Golden Impact because the colours contrast and stand for happy (gold) and anger (red). A second favourite of mine was Taste of Envy because of the hidden face like she was hiding from who she was jealous of. I thought the theme was abstract but it was actually texture. This exhibition was more modernly rustic than others I have seen. I think it could have been improved by the artists writing more underneath the paintings about what inspired them to do that one.

‘This is my favourite- it was called Golden Impact (see photo below). I liked it because the gold made me think of a fake smile and the red is the true anger behind it.’




‘We visited Stamford Arts Centre on 26th April to see Textured Compositions with Emma Burt and Tony Nero. It really caught your eye and it was really bright. The artwork was in sections- I liked the theme of it because it was so busy and had so much detail. The theme was textiles and paint. I’ve never seen anything like this, and I wouldn’t want to change anything about it.

‘My favorite one was a portrait (see photo below)- I liked that art because it really drew your eye to it, and with the green lips had a splash of colour!’

IMG_3986 - Copy



‘We went to see some artwork by Emma Burt and Tony Nero at Stamford Arts Centre. My first impressions were that I saw lots of colours and random pictures. I think they were arranged that way to get our attention.

This is the one I chose as my favourite (see photo below)- it’s an abstract picture with lots of reds and oranges. I chose it because it stood out to me as it’s very colourful- also I really liked the texture. It is very interesting and different.’


Term 3 Week 3

Maroon & Turquoise Class

This week, our reception, year 1 and year 2 artists completed their mixed media portraits! We practised drawing our own faces in our sketchbooks, using a mirror to help. We then painted a large scale version onto our collaged backgrounds using black acrylic paint. We added white acrylic highlights in the eyes, and finally used diluted paint to make the background paler so that our portraits stood out. The results looked great! 


Amber, Magenta & Violet Class

Our year 3 and 4 artists completed their Chris Ofili inspired layered paintings this week. We looked at examples of Ofili’s work (see below) and practised drawing patterns in his style. We then used a mixture of fine and medium brushes to add a layer of pattern over our collaged backgrounds. 


Jade & Emerald Class

Our year 5 and 6 artists completed their collaged self portraits. Last week they sketched out a rough portrait onto green card before tracing over it in more detail onto acetate using permanent markers. This week they continued to add elements of collage to the green card, using the acetate as an overlay. There were some really different approaches to the task, which was very interesting and added variety to our gallery!


Cerise Class

Our Explore Arts Award students have been busy working on their self directed projects for Part C of the award. They’ll be reflecting on the outcomes next week and recording their progress in their Arts logs. 

Arts Award

Cerise Class

Cerise class are currently working towards their Explore level Arts Award. Last week we enjoyed a trip to Stamford Arts Centre to see the current exhibition, which features arftwork made using the unusual medium of cement! The visit formed part of the group’s research into arts organisations.

This week we were visited by the brilliant urban artist Korp! Korp talked to us about his career and showed us some of his work. We then learned how to doodle a variety of characters. We really enjoyed the session!

Korp runs brilliant urban art workshops over at his studio in Hampton- you can find out more on his Facebook page and website.

Arts Award

Huge congratulations to Cyan Class who finished their Bronze Arts Award course this week! Their log books will now be assessed before being sent off for moderation. They’ve worked really hard for four terms and deserve every success!


Summer Holiday Workshops

We’ve had a lovely couple of weeks of workshops! A big THANK YOU to our fabulous visiting artists (Sam Hope, Clare Turner, Lee Mason and Rose Croft), and of course to our fantastic students! We hope you had a wonderful time.

Here’s what we’ve been up to… (Please click on a photo to enlarge)

Mandala Pebbles with Sam Hope

Sam showed us how to create beautiful Mandala-style patterns onto pebbles using cotton buds, cocktail sticks and acrylic paint. The results were really effective, and looked especially lovely once varnished!

Tuesday Session

Thursday Session


Watercolour Skies with Clare Turner (Paisley Art)

Clare showed us how to create atmospheric skies using different watercolour techniques. The results were really effective!

Clare’s Facebook page- Paisley Art


Charcoal Trees with Clare Turner (Paisley Art)

We learned two different techniques for creating trees using charcoal, achieving some stunning results!


Painting in Virtual Reality with Lee Mason

Wednesday Session

These sessions were so exciting! The students picked up the technique very quickly and were soon producing fantastic three-dimensional virtual art. They particularly enjoyed the sound effects, and the fact that they could teleport around their virtual space to see their artwork from different angles. The photos of the laptop screens show a glimpse of what the students could see, but they really don’t do it justice!

Lee’s website-

Monday 2:30pm Session

Monday 5:00pm Session


Mosaic Flower Pots with Sam Hope

We decorated flower pots and coasters using lots of different glass tiles, beads and buttons. They looked lovely when they were finished!


Giacometti Figures with Ellie

We made sculptures based on the work of Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti using lolly sticks, wire and tin foil. The students came up with some brilliant poses and the results were very effective!


Circle Weaving with Rose Croft

We used coloured yarn and different beads to create wonderful woven patterns. The students got the hang of it quickly and produced some wonderful work!

Rose’s website-


Festival Hair Braids with Rose Croft

We learned how to create colourful clip-in braids using coloured threads. It was a fiddly job- the students showed real patience and concentration!


Discover Arts Award

Session 1

This session was all about discovering the arts around us. We identified different art forms such as photography, painting, sculpture, animation, poetry, drama and music. We sorted photos into the different categories and recorded them in our log books. We then played ‘Creativity Bingo’ (see photo)- our artists had the opportunity to try out a range of media through short activities, ticking them off as they went.

Session 2

In this session we investigated the abstract paintings of British artist Anthony Frost. We researched his life and work as a group, and produced our own work inspired by the techniques and colours he uses. We then reflected on the work we’d done, both in the Arts Award sessions and in other workshops we’d attended, and shared our thoughts with the group. 

At the end, we were presented with mini certificates to show we’d completed the Discover Arts Award course- soon we’ll be receiving official certificates from Trinity College in recognition of all our hard work!

Arts Award

Indigo Class- Silver Arts Award

Indigo class have been working hard on Unit 1 of their Silver Arts Award course. Part of the award requires the students to attend and review different arts events, which we would like to share with you! Events include the Jekyll and Hyde production at the Key Theatre, which we visited as a group; the On Form exhibition at City Gallery; a visit to Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge; a concert at Cambridge Junction and a visit to a gallery in Switzerland!

Please click on a photo to enlarge.