Term Time Classes

Our term time classes are booked and paid for on a half-termly basis. Sessions last for an hour and fifteen minutes and are led by experienced arts educators, with support from assistants with creative backgrounds. Class sizes are limited to ensure plenty of individual support and guidance. 

Primary classes are £11 per session which includes all materials, sketchbooks and refreshments. We follow the AccessArt Primary Curriculum, which is devised by experienced arts educators (details of the current pathways below).

Key Stage 3/4 courses are £12 per session- Emerald and Indigo Class are designed to complement the Key Stage 3 and 4 art curriculum, whereas Cerise Class is an alternative class for secondary students who don’t necessarily want to follow such a structured session and would rather work more independently on their own projects with input and support from the class leader. 

Explore and Bronze Arts Award courses are £13 per session, which covers the cost of specialised tuition, arts logs, moderation and certification fees. Silver and Gold Arts Award courses are £14 per session, as these require a greater degree of support and assessment. Courses are run by qualified Arts Award Advisers.

Online classes are £7 per session- they are delivered over Zoom and last for one hour. A list of materials will be provided, and we aim to devise lessons that require only basic resources. Students are also able to sign up for recordings only so that the sessions can be done at a time that suits them- this is £5 per session.

Home Learning classes are £11 per session and are mixed age groups- we plan sessions inspired by the students’ interests and by the pathways followed by the after school classes.

Sunday Crafternoons are £9 per session and are open to all Primary age groups- these sessions are run by Bethan from Little Joys UK and focus on craft, using largely recycled and repurposed materials.

We offer free trial sessions– prospective students are welcome to come along for a visit to see if they would like to join us! For more information or to book, please get in touch using our contact page, or by emailing hello@artivitystudios.co.uk.

Term 5 Pathways

Week commencing 17th April- week commencing 22nd May (6 weeks)

Our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes will be on the will be on the ‘Flora and Fauna’ pathway- in this pathway children are introduced to the idea that many artists use flora and fauna to inspire their work. We look at artists who used drawing as a way to accurately capture the way plants and insects look, and artists who use their imagination to create their own versions of flora and fauna. Children spend time engaged in close looking as a way to build drawing skills. They also experiment with new materials. They practice cutting and collage skills and explore shape and colour to build images.Finally there is the opportunity for children to work collaboratively on a shared background for the artwork, and pupils can see how their individual efforts are valued as part of a larger class artwork. 

Our Year 3 and 4 classes will be on the ‘Using Natural Materials to Make Images’ pathway. In this pathway children are introduced to Cyanotypes, and the work of the first female photographer Anna Atkins. They are also introduced to artist Frances Hatch, who finds and makes pigments from the landscape she is drawing. Children then go on to make their own imagery, choosing one or more methods, to make artwork which is rooted in the materials and place in which it was made. 

Our Year 5 and 6 classes will be on the ‘Fashion Design’ pathway. In this pathway children are introduced to the idea that design is often about relationships – between the designer/artist and the person who then sees, buys or wears the end result. Where and how do the experiences and passions of both designer and viewer meet? How is one affected by the other and what can we learn from each other?Children are introduced to contemporary fashion designers and use sketchbooks to record things about the designers which interest them, or to note ways of working which may be useful. Pupils are then given a design brief and invited to make their own designs, again working in sketchbooks to explore and test, before making decorate papers through which they can bring their designs to life in 2D or 3D. 

Our Key Stage 3 and 4 classes will be working on a glass and ceramic tile mosaic project. We’ll look at contemporary mosaic artists and practise different techniques on a small scale project, before designing a larger scale piece onto MDF. We’ll learn how to shape glass tiles, how to arrange them and fix them in place, and how to grout them to finish our pieces off.

Our online classes will work with a variety of drawing, painting and collage techniques on various themes.

We keep our class information as up to date as we can- if you’re interested in joining us, please get in touch via the contact page and we can confirm space availability.



2:15-3:30pm Teal Class Home Learning- Mixed Ages Spaces Available

3:45-5:00pm Sapphire Class Year 3/Year 4 Spaces Available

5:15-6:30pm Emerald Class Year 7/Year 8 Spaces Available

6:45-8:00pm Indigo Class Year 9/Year 10/Year 11 Spaces Available



6:00-7:00pm Cyan Class- Online Mixed Ages Spaces Available

3:45-5:00pm Maroon Class Reception/Year 1/Year 2 Spaces Available

5:15-6:30pm Amber Class Year 5/Year 6 Spaces Available

6:45-8:00pm Cerise Class Key Stage 3/4 Alternative Class FULL



3:45-5:00pm Turquoise Class Reception/Year 1/Year 2 Spaces Available

5:15-6:30pm Magenta Class Year 3/Year 4 Spaces Available

6:45-8:00pm Jade Class Year 5/Year 6  Spaces Available



3:45-5:00pm Violet Class Year 5/Year 6 Spaces Available

5:15-6:30pm Bronze Arts Award Year 6+ FULL

6:45-8:00pm Silver/Gold Arts Award Year 9+ FULL



1:30-2:45pm Sunday Crafternoon with Bethan from Little Joys UK Mixed Primary Ages Spaces Available