Arts Award

Cyan Class

Our Explore Arts Award group have started working on Part C of the award, which involves completing a personal project to show off their creativity. Last week was spent planning and preparing for the project. We have a mixture of painting, toymaking and knitting on the go! The project will run over the course of two weeks, after which the students will be presenting their work to the group.


Indigo Class

Indigo class have started their Silver awards- a big undertaking! Silver level is the equivalent of a higher grade GCSE and will take us a whole school year to complete. This term we’re working towards Part 1A, which involves planning and preparing for an in depth project chosen by the students. So far we’ve been organising the way in which we will be recording our progress and reflecting on our creative strengths and weaknesses. We discussed possible projects and looked at some examples of anthologies as a possible route to take.



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