Term 4 Week 3

Maroon & Turquoise Class

Our reception, year 1 and year 2 artists finished their beautiful rainbows today! We also drew to music and used Brusho and cling film to create some patterned paper for next week’s projects.


Amber, Magenta & Violet Class

Our year 3 and 4 artists had a go at shaving foam marbling! It was a lot of fun, if rather messy. We’ve created lots of patterned paper to use in future collages.

Jade & Emerald Class

Our year 5 and 6 artists produced some patterned paper for future projects using shaving foam marbling, traditional marbling and watercolour washes. 


Cyan & Indigo Class

Our Key Stage 3 and 4 artists combined the gesso experiments from last week to create compositions. We used masking tape, more gesso, scissors and PVA glue to alter the appearance of the pieces. We then added found imagery taken from magazines.

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