Term 2 Week 8

This week, each class unraveled their tie dyed t-shirts! It was really exciting to see how they’d turned out, and we think they look fantastic! It was a good opportunity to take some end of year class photos (courtesy of Nigel at ACS Photography- thank you!) We were missing quite a few of our artists due to the Christmas holidays- also, a special mention to Teal class and Sapphire class, who didn’t do tie dyeing as they were busy working on different aspects of their Arts Award courses and so Ellie didn’t think to take a photo! 

We hope all of our artists and their families have a wonderful Christmas, and we look forward to seeing you in the new year!

Cyan Class



Indigo Class



Maroon Class



Amber Class



Cerise Class


Turquoise Class



Magenta Class



Jade Class



Violet Class



Emerald Class


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