Term 1 Week 2

Amber & Turquoise Class

Our reception, year 1 and year 2 artists investigated the abstract textile work of Liz Payne (you can see examples of her work here). We discussed her use of colour and pattern, and the way in which she adds detail using different embroidery techniques. We used ready mixed paint to make our own version of one of her pieces, then embroidered patterns onto our work using wool. It took a lot of concentration, and we got some great results!

Magenta & Violet Class

Our year 3 and 4 artists looked at the work of quilting artist Pamela Allen (see examples of her work here). We sketched a rough idea for a fabric collage composition, using Pamela’s work and the patterns on our fabric as inspiration. Once we were happy with our designs, we started to put it together using shapes cut from different kinds of fabric. Next week we are going to add embroidery details to our images.

Emerald Class

Our year 5 and 6 artists continued with their batik project. Last week we created a pattern onto a piece of fabric using glue pens, which we then left to dry. This week we added colour- we used watered down acrylic paints, as it needed to soak into the fabric but also to be waterproof. Once our work was dry, it was soaked in warm water and rinsed out to remove the glue, leaving some really interesting patterns. 

You can watch a tutorial on the technique we used here.

Cyan Class- Discover Arts Award

This week we had a visit from local artist Samantha Hope! Sam talked to us about her interest in textiles, and showed us some examples of her felting work. She then taught us how to produce a piece of handmade felt. We laid sections of wool roving (unspun wool) onto a piece of bubble wrap, teasing open the fibres as we went. We then laid a piece of netting over the fibres to hold them in place before wetting them down with soapy water. We rubbed the wool through the netting until it was partially felted together, then rolled the piece of felt up in the bubble wrap. We rolled it back and forth 40 times before unwrapping it, turning it 90 degrees and repeating the process. This causes the fibres to mesh together until it becomes one piece. The felt is then submerged in warm water, which opens up the fibres, and then immediately into cold water, causing them to contract which strengthens the bonds between them. 

A huge thank you to Sam for coming to visit! It was a really interesting and fun process, and we got some brilliant results. Next week we are going to add embellishments to our felt.

Indigo Class- Bronze Arts Award

Indigo class are working towards Part C of the Bronze Award- Arts Inspiration. This section involves researching an artist, craftsperson or arts practitioner, for which we will be producing an artist profile on local printmaker John McGowan. This week we visited John’s inspirational studio in Northborough to find out about his work.

You can see examples of John’s work here.

John talked to us about his early life and how his interest in art developed. He told us about his career as an art teacher, and his particular love for screen printing. We were shown lots of examples of different kinds of printing, including drypoint, screen printing and relief printing. John then talked us through the process of creating his most recent print, a composition consisting of several historical buildings in Oundle. He showed us how much development work goes into the process, with numerous test prints produced to try different combinations of colour and texture. He talked to us about the importance of self criticism, and to remember that ‘you’re not trying to please the world, but to please yourself’. 

John gave us a quick demonstration of drypoint intaglio printing, which involves scratching an image onto an acrylic plate before rubbing ink into the scratches. We are going to be producing our own printing plates over the next couple of weeks, and John has kindly invited us back to use his printing press!

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