Easter Workshops

We had a fab time at our Easter workshops! It was great to use a bigger room in the Cross School for the first time, and we were pleased to see some new faces, plus lots of returning artists who’ve been to previous workshops.

Please click on a photo to enlarge.

Washi Tape Art

We made two pieces of artwork using tape! The first involved creating a pattern onto a canvas using Washi tape, which is a patterned low-tack tape originating in Japan. We added watercolour and Brusho in the negative space made by the tape, which created some very colourful pieces. For the second piece we used regular masking tape to mask off a design, before using sponges to apply paint across the whole board. We then removed the tape and were left with striking geometric designs.

Crazy Faces

We used portraits by Cubist artists Pablo Picasso and Jean Metzinger as inspiration for some very strange looking face sculptures! We assembled the main feature of our faces using pieces of cardboard, then painted them. Once they were dry, we used various bits and pieces to add further details, using a cool melt glue gun to attach them. We got some great results!

Easter Crafts

We had a very busy morning making a variety of Easter themed crafts using papercrafting techniques. We made egg-shaped tissue paper window decorations, a paper bunch of flowers, and coloured in Easter egg designs. We also made an Easter bunny from a cardboard tube to keep our mini eggs in!

Plasticine Sculpture

Craig Pattrick joined us to show us how to make fantastic Easter bunny and chick characters from plasticine. He went through the basic steps with us, and then helped us to add our own details. The resulting characters were stunning! (Ellie wishes she had a better camera as the photos don’t do them justice…)

A huge thank you to Craig, and we look forward to another visit soon! Follow this link to see Craig’s work Craig Pattrick Illustration

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