Term 3 Week 4- Screen Printing and Collograph Printing

This week we began a three-layer screen printing project. We learnt about the stencil method of screen printing, in which a stencil is cut from moisture resistant card and taped to the underside of a silk screen. We were shown how to apply the ink across the top of the screen, and how to use a squeegee to drag the ink across the screen in order to create a print onto the paper underneath. We each printed the first layer of the design onto a tote bag, which we’re going to use to carry all our art work and materials!

We also used the printing blocks we made last week to create a series of prints.

Amber & Turquoise Class

We practised making prints from our collograph blocks in our sketchbooks. It was a messy job and we soon got covered in ink- we ended up with some lovely patterns on our hands though! We each printed the first layer of the screen print successfully.

Magenta & Violet Class

We produced some really successful prints from our collograph blocks in our sketchbooks, and also experimented with creating characters using fingerprinting! 

Maroon & Emerald Class

We practised printing from our lino blocks in our sketchbooks before producing a final set of four prints onto heavy duty cartridge paper. We will be working on these some more next week, adding a second layer in a different colour.

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