Term 2 Week 1- Varying Brush Strokes

We’re excited to be starting the new half term, which will focus on painting! We’ll be using a variety of different paints over the course of seven weeks, ending with a masterpiece on canvas. 

This week was all about learning how to vary our brush strokes. We used a selection of brushes ranging from very thin ones (2mm) to wider ones (16mm), and ready mixed paint. We were reminded of the importance of cleaning our brushes in between colours, to avoid the paints becoming ‘muddy’. We practised various brush strokes in our sketchbooks, before creating a large scale group painting  utilising our different brushes. We then worked on individual paintings, the challenge being to incorporate as many different brush strokes as we could. We had some very vibrant results!

Maroon & Turquoise Class


Amber & Magenta Class


Violet Class


Emerald Class

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