Autumn Half Term Workshops

We’ve seen some wonderful creativity (and made quite a lot of mess) at the studio this week for our half term workshops!  Have a look at what we’ve been up to… (Please click on an image to enlarge.)

Painting Music

We responded to a variety of pieces of music, initially using oil pastels, then progressing to Brusho paints. We followed the rhythm with our brushes, allowing the music to suggest different marks and shapes to us. We then used our abstract painting as a background for a silhouetted image inspired by the patterns and colours we’d created. We had some beautiful results!


Blowing Bubbles

We had great fun making bubble prints in primary and secondary colours, and managed to decorate our faces too in the process! We also did some blow painting, creating some fantastic autumn trees and abstract patterns.


Papercraft Steamboats

Some brilliant boats, made entirely from paper, glue and a little bit of string!

Willow Sculpture

Another messy workshop! We used willow withies held in place with masking tape to form a dome shape. The willow was freshly cut so it was nice and pliable! Once we’d finished the basic structure, we covered it in a layer of wet strength tissue paper dipped in a diluted PVA glue mix. We then added pieces of coloured tissue paper to create our designs.


Abstract Textiles

Even more fun with PVA glue! We went through several stages to create these abstract designs using textiles. Firstly, we made some rubbings of textured surfaces onto pieces of cotton using oil pastels. We then added Brusho over the top, before laying our work onto a board covered in thick PVA glue. We manipulated the fabric by pinching, pushing, pulling and twisting it into the desired form. We then wrapped strips of patterned fabric around a cardboard frame, adding embellishments before attaching the frame to our artwork. The results were fantastic!


Sparkling Squares

We made some sparkly hanging decorations by arranging sequins, glitter and other bits and pieces between layers of sticky back plastic and acetate. We also created a square frame (with a star shaped aperture!) for our miniature watercolour paintings. Our decorations will look lovely hanging in the window to sparkle in the sun!


Well done to everyone who attended workshops this week- you all worked brilliantly and created fabulous artwork! We look forward to seeing you again soon 🙂

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