Art Stars at Stanground St. John’s Primary School


Ellie visited Stanground St. John’s Primary School on Wednesday 29th June to work with groups of children who had been nominated by their teachers as Gifted and Talented artists.

The first group were  artists from reception, year 1 and year 2, and these children worked on a textiles project. First, rubbings of textured surfaces were created onto a piece of cotton using oil pastels. Colour was then added using Brusho, before arranging the finished design onto a piece of card. We coated the card with lots of PVA glue, then pinched, twisted and pulled the fabric to manipulate it into our chosen shape. This created an interesting relief design.

The second group of artists were from years 3 and 4, working in sculpture. Layers of PVA glue and torn tissue paper strips were added to a plastic sheet, with each child making choices about their colour schemes and the shapes they wanted to incorporate. Strips of wire were sandwiched between two of the layers, in order to create ‘feet’ which would later help stabilise the finished sculpture. On the final layer, extra detail was added in the form of glitter, sequins and metallic thread. Once the glue was completely dry, the PVA and tissue paper was peeled from the plastic sheet and fixed in place with a glue gun to form a cylinder.


The final group were artists from years 5 and 6. We looked at examples of abstract paintings by contemporary British artist Chris Ofili. We painted abstract watercolour designs in response to his work, before overlaying this with acetate and working on top with acrylic paints. This created a layered effect similar to the way in which Ofili works on a large scale. Ofili also uses elephant dung encased in resin as part of his work- Ellie couldn’t get hold of any of that, but we made a (slightly less smelly) substitute by mixing tissue paper, PVA glue and paint! We added a few balls of ‘dung’ to our finished pieces.

Ellie really enjoyed her day at Stanground St. John’s, and was impressed with the children’s creativity! The work produced will be on display at the Art Stars Open Day on July 9th.

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