Art Stars at Stepping Stones Day Nursery

Ellie really enjoyed her visit to Stepping Stones Day Nursery in Dogsthorpe on 28th June, to run workshops with two of the classes.

The first class took part in a workshop called ‘Magic Dice’. They created monster characters by throwing dice to determine how many eyes to add to their monster shape, how many arms, and so on. After each body part was added, the pictures were passed around the circle so that every child added something to each picture. We made some brilliant monsters!

The second class worked on a large scale collaborative painting, called ‘A Field of Flowers’. Each participant had their own pot of paint, and followed Ellie’s instructions to ‘draw a dot’, ‘draw a circle’, ‘draw an even bigger circle!’ Children were encouraged to move to a different spot on the painting after each instruction and, lots of dots, circles and splodges later, our vibrant field of flowers was finished.

All of the children worked brilliantly together and were great at listening carefully and following instructions- well done Stepping Stones artists!

The art work produced will be on display at the Art Stars Open Day on Saturday 9th July.



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