Term 5 Week 4

This week we worked on drawing from our imaginations!

Maroon & Turquoise Class

Our reception, year 1 and year 2 artists became illustrators! We read a poem about a monster called The Hippocrump, and imagined what we thought the Hippocrump would look like. We used clues from the poem and our own ideas to illustrate a scene in oil pastel, pencil and watercolour. 


Amber, Magenta & Violet Class

Our year 3 and 4 artists created bear characters! We warmed up by practising different facial expressions in our sketchbooks, and chose which one we’d like to use for our drawing. We created the fur textures using tiny lines and dots, which looked really effective. we then decorated the bears’ jumpers using patterns and colours. The bears looked great on their colourful backgrounds!


Jade & Emerald Class

Our year 5 and 6 artists used the pastel techniques we were working on last week to develop their own mythical creatures. We warmed up by combining body parts from three different animals together to form a hybrid, which gave us some ideas for our own invented beasts. We will be continuing with our creations next week!


Cyan & Indigo Class

Our year 7-11 artists continued with their lino printmaking project. We tried some prints with single colours and some using a combination of colours. We got some lovely results!

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