Half Term Workshops

We’ve had a lovely couple of days of workshops this week! Here’s what we’ve been up to…

Collaged Characters

We used a variety of coloured and patterned papers to create characters inspired by the work of artist Ana Ventura!

Wednesday 9:30am Session

Wednesday 5:00pm Session


Get Your Skates On!

We used paint and oil pastels in this workshop, using the wax resist technique to design some colourful clothing and snazzy ice skates!


Pebble Cactus Pots 

We painted pebbles in different shades of green, then used Posca pens to add details before arranging our finished cacti in a little pot to take home (much less prickly than the real thing!)

Wednesday Session

Thursday 12:00pm Session

Thursday 2:30pm Session


Crazy Carnival Masks

We designed and created oversized masks inspired by the colourful and flamboyant masks featured in Brazil’s Rio Carnival. We used junk modelling techniques, combining cardboard and other collected materials with paint to make our masks as wacky as possible!


Thank you to everyone who came along to our workshops- it was lovely to see you all!

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