Arts Award

Cyan Class

Our Bronze Arts Award group have been busy getting to grips with the drypoint intaglio printmaking process. This is for part a of the Bronze award, which involves taking part in the arts. We sketched designs for our images before tracing them onto acrylic plates using drypoint etching tools. We applied ink to the plates, then used scrim (a loose weave fabric) to clean the plate- some ink was left in the scratches made by the tools. We laid the plate onto the mini printing press, positioning a dampened piece of watercolour paper over the top. We then rolled the plate and paper through the press, causing the inked image to be transferred to the paper. We are going to evaluate our results before creating additional prints another week.


Indigo Class

Our Silver Arts Award group are still hard at work producing illustrations to accompany their chosen poems, which will come together to create a collaborative anthology. We’re looking forward to sharing our finished work!

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