Term 4 Week 2

Unfortunately most of our classes this week were cancelled due to the snow! Only our Tuesday classes ran. Hopefully we’ll be back to normal next week.

Amber Class

Amber class embraced the spirit of World Book Day by making their own picture books! We discussed traditional tales, identifying the main characters, setting and problem within each story. We designed our own characters, then chose an appropriate setting from a selection of ideas. We took turns to take a ‘problem prompt’ from a hat to give us some ideas for possible problems for the characters in our stories to encounter. We then set to work creating a story using our chosen elements to show how our heroes solved the problem!


Indigo Class

Our Silver Arts Award group are busy working on their self-initiated project to produce an illustrated poetry anthology. They were working on collage and drypoint intaglio printmaking, amongst other things! W’ew looking forward to sharing the finished anthology after Easter.

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