Half Term Workshops

We’ve had another lovely week of holiday workshops! It was great to see lots of our regular artists, plus some new faces. See you again soon everyone!

Please click on a photo to enlarge.

Halloween Crafts

We made some spooky crafts in this workshop! We had cotton bud skeletons, Frankenstein’s monster collages, painted pumpkins, haunted house doodles and yarn wrapped mummies.

Shaving Foam Marbling

This was the messiest workshop we’ve done so far, and it was great fun! We produced some wonderful prints using this technique.

Bonfire Night Crafts

After this workshop the studio was covered in glitter! Our artists made some brilliant pictures of fireworks using glitter, glue and fluorescent paints, and created some wonderful firework sculptures.

Pumpkin Pebbles

We created some pumpkins and some other halloween inspired pebble characters! 

Calder Sculptures

We made some sculptures based on the work of Alexander Calder. We used primary colours and cut shapes inspired by Calder’s paintings and mobiles. We got some fantastic results!

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