Summer Workshops

We had a lovely few days of workshops! It was great to see some of our current term time students, plus some artists who have previously attended workshops. It was also fantastic to meet lots of new creative youngsters!

Here’s what we’ve been up to- please click on a photo to enlarge.

Paper Rolling Sculptures

We made tubes from lots of different kinds of paper, including some that we had decorated ourselves. We then used cool melt glue guns to construct gravity-defying abstract sculptures. We got some brilliant results!

Face and Body Painting with Rose Croft

Professional artist Rose showed us a range of painting techniques, using ourselves as canvases! We learned how to apply the paint using sponges and brushes to recreate some of Rose’s designs (and to make up some of our own!)


Brilliant Buttons

We made a variety of different creations using lots and lots of buttons, including tree collages, picture frames and caterpillars! 


Wigwam Weaving

We used willow withies to create mini wigwams, and then wove different kinds of wool and yarn onto them. We finished them off by adding feathers. We also worked as a group to weave lengths of fabric onto a large scale structure. This workshop was quite fiddly- all of our artists showed great perseverance! 


Collage Creatures

We investigated the fabulous collage work of San Francisco-based artist Denise Fiedler. We learned how to create a dog collage using paper from an old book, and then had a go at assembling our own animal characters based on her work- we had dogs, cats, birds, horses and even unicorns!


Well done to all of our workshop artists- see you again soon!

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