Term 4 Week 4- Animal Portraits and Mosaics

Amber & Turquoise Class

This week the reception, year 1 and year 2 artists made collage portraits of dogs and cats, based on the work of contemporary American artist Denise Fiedler. We learnt how to make a basic dog portrait, and then used our new skills to come up with our own animals. Our creations had lots of character!

Magenta & Violet Class

This week our year 3 and 4 artists tried their hand at mosaics! We chose different colours of 2cm x 2cm glass tiles and laid them out on a paper grid to help us come up with a design for a coaster. Once we’d finalised our patterns we transferred the tiles to a piece of MDF, using PVA glue to fix them in place. The tiles come on a sheet of brown paper, the remainder of which we’ll soak off once the glue is dry. We will be finishing our mosaics off next week with grout.

Maroon & Emerald Class

The year 5 and 6 artists also created mosaic coasters, and will be finishing them off next week!

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