Half Term Workshops

We’ve had two lovely afternoons of workshops this week! Here’s what we’ve been up to…

Scribble Collages

We listened to some different pieces of music and let our oil pastels dance along on the paper! We then added some watercolour to fill our page with colour. When the paint was dry, we cut our paper into strips, before rearranging them onto a piece of mountboard. When we were happy with our collage design, we glued the strips in place. We got some very colourful results!

 Yarn Wrapping

We used a variety of different coloured yarns to wrap sections of our chosen twigs. We also added beads and a few sparkly pieces of wool. This was a lovely, calm activity, and the twigs looked great when displayed together in their jars!

We also had a fantastic cityscape drawn on the door in chalk by the very creative brother of one of our students 🙂

Paper Sculpture

We tried out some methods of sculpting using strips of patterned paper, to create a variety of forms including bridges, loop-the-loops and spirals. We experimented with different combinations of these, and also thought of our own ways to build shapes. Some of us made snails to incorporate into our designs too. The end results looked fantastic!

Pet Rocks

We created some fabulous pebble characters using acrylic paint. Some of us made aliens or monsters- we also had a fish, a puppy, some bugs and a pig, amongst others! We used tiny brushes to paint details, and added pom poms, googly eyes and buttons. 

Well done to all our fabulous artists, we had a lovely time with you all! 

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