Term 3 Week 1- Block Printing

This term at Art Stars we are focusing on printmaking! We’ll be investigating different forms of printmaking, including block printing, screen printing and potato printing! We’ll be developing various skills, both in creative design and the technical aspect of the printing process.

This week, each class got to grips with the basics of block printing- we tried out printing blocks made from various materials, and practised applying the right amount of pressure to achieve a successful print. We then had a go at making our own printing blocks from polystyrene!

Amber & Turquoise class

Our reception and year 1 and 2 artists practised using the rollers to start with, and created abstract layered designs using different marks made by the rollers. We then moved on to creating some very successful prints!

Magenta & Violet Class

After practising with the wooden and rubber blocks, the year 3 and 4 artists had a go at reduction block printing using our polystyrene tiles. We produced the first layer of prints in single colours, then worked into out polystyrene blocks some more, with the aim of reducing the amount of surface area that would get ink on it the second time round. We then chose contrasting colours for the second layer of prints, taking care to line up the block accurately with the print underneath. We got some great results!

Maroon & Emerald Class

The year 5 and 6 artists had a go at reduction block printing too. Some of us decided to design a printing block that included our initial- we had to think carefully about which way round we needed to write the letters, as printing blocks need to be a mirror image of the final print!

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