Term 2 Week 4- Using Watercolour

This week we experimented with different types of watercolour paint. We identified the various colours that come in a standard watercolour tin and were shown how to pick up a good amount of pigment on our brushes in order to achieve a strong, bright colour. We then talked about the use of water to alter the tone of our chosen colour, and practised painting graduated washes in our sketchbooks. Each class then created a watercolour painting using the techniques we’d practised.

Amber & Turquoise Class

Our Reception and Year 1 and 2 artists investigated the wax resist technique. We drew ‘secret pictures’ using a candle and then painted Brusho over the top to reveal them. We really enjoyed this activity! We then discussed the work of German artist Wolf Kahn (see example below) and created our own versions of his tree paintings using oil pastels and watercolour wash.

Magenta & Violet Class

The Year 3 and 4 groups also experimented with wax resist, and practised blending washes of different colours together to create a sunset painting. We added details in silhouette using a tiny brush and black watercolour. 

Maroon & Emerald Class

Our Year 5 and 6 groups built on their colour mixing skills from previous sessions to create a variety of different colours and tones. We discussed the paintings of Expressionist artist Paul Klee and created our own paintings in response to his ‘Cosmic Composition’ (see photos). Our backgrounds were created by painting patches of the different colours we’d mixed, and we aimed to vary the tone within each patch. We then added details over the top using a fine brush.

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