Term 1 Week 6- Illustrating Scenes 2

This week each class continued with their mini illustration project.

Turquoise Class

In Turquoise class we used the marbling patterns we made last week as collage material to create a fabulous patchwork hot air balloon. We chose a coloured background and then used fineliners to draw a patterned basket, complete with characters from our imaginations.

Magenta Class

We were all poorly this week! We’ll carry on with our mini projects next week instead.

Violet Class

Violet class made colourful and energetic abstract backgrounds for our Peterborough Cathedral illustrations by responding to music through our drawing. We started with oil pastels, allowing the music to inspire different lines and shapes, as if the oil pastels were dancing! After a while we repeated this using Brusho (a type of vibrant watercolour paint). The contrast between our charcoal cathedral drawings and the bright patterns behind creates a really striking effect.


Emerald Class

Emerald class worked on creating dramatic backgrounds for our detailed aeroplane drawings from last week. We used soft pastel to draw our skies, using photos as inspiration. We practised blending colours together to portray sunsets and wispy clouds.

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