Term 1 Week 4-Learning to Look

This week was all about learning to look in detail at our subject, developing the relationship between what our eyes are seeing and what our hands are drawing. 

Turquoise Class

Turquoise class began by describing some of the objects we were looking at in last week’s texture lesson. We discussed the colours, textures, shapes and patterns found within the objects in as much detail as we could. We then drew a bike from memory in our sketch books- a really tricky challenge! After that we investigated the shapes and textures of a real bike, before having another go at drawing the bike. This time we had the bike in front of us and, using our new detailed looking skills, our drawings were much more realistic and full of detail.

Magenta and Violet class

Magenta and Violet classes warmed up for looking carefully by comparing a selection of objects in front of us. We described each one, both as a stand alone object and in relation to the other objects- for example, the marker pen was longer but narrower than the chalk. We drew a quick freehand outline of each object in our sketchbooks, concentrating on getting the proportions right in comparison to the others. We then did the bike drawing challenge- again, our second drawings after looking at and discussing the bike in detail showed a huge improvement.

Emerald class

Emerald class began with an exercise in slowing down our looking and drawing. We held up our hand and spent some time letting our eyes travel around the outline of our hand, as slowly as we could. We then repeated this but drew the outline at the same time (without being allowed to look at the paper!) This helps to develop the relationship between what the eyes and hands are doing. We practised the Look-Hold-Draw technique too, which involves looking at a specific part of the object, holding that shape in your mind, then drawing it. We used a combination of the techniques we’d practised, plus our knowledge of showing line, tone and texture, to complete a drawing of our shoes.

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