Term 1 Week 3-Portraying Texture

This week was all about representing varieties of texture in different media. We used pens, colouring pencils, water soluble pencils, oil pastels, soft pastels and watercolour paint, working entirely in blue to encourage us to focus on the texture of an object rather than its colour. We discussed the texture of various objects, creating a spider diagram of adjectives in our sketchbooks for future reference. We then had a go at recreating different textures, making our own choices about which media we thought would be most successful for each one. Some groups went on to have a go at drawing some of the objects to put our line, tone and texture skills into practice, whilst others experimented with media on a variety of textured papers.

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Turquoise and Magenta Class

Violet and Emerald Class

Term 1 Week 2-looking at tone

This week was all about showing tone in our drawings. We experimented with charcoal in our sketchbooks, building on last week’s work on mark making with graphite. We practised showing a range of tone by varying the amount of pressure we used on the paper, and had fun blending the charcoal with our fingers (getting rather messy in the process!) We then went outside to work on some large scale observational drawings, concentrating on representing a range of tone. Our artists did brilliantly!

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Turquoise Class

Magenta Class

Violet Class

Emerald Class

Term 1 Week 1- Our First Week!

We had a lovely first week of classes! This half term, each class is focusing on developing drawing techniques in various media. We started off with a warm up, experimenting with different grades of graphite pencil from 2H to 9B to create a range of different marks. We then headed outside to put our mark-making skills to use, drawing natural forms from observation. We’re going to be using our sketchbooks every week to record our progress.