Summer Holiday Workshops

We’ve had a lovely couple of weeks of workshops! A big THANK YOU to our fabulous visiting artists (Sam Hope, Clare Turner, Lee Mason and Rose Croft), and of course to our fantastic students! We hope you had a wonderful time.

Here’s what we’ve been up to… (Please click on a photo to enlarge)

Mandala Pebbles with Sam Hope

Sam showed us how to create beautiful Mandala-style patterns onto pebbles using cotton buds, cocktail sticks and acrylic paint. The results were really effective, and looked especially lovely once varnished!

Tuesday Session

Thursday Session


Watercolour Skies with Clare Turner (Paisley Art)

Clare showed us how to create atmospheric skies using different watercolour techniques. The results were really effective!

Clare’s Facebook page- Paisley Art


Charcoal Trees with Clare Turner (Paisley Art)

We learned two different techniques for creating trees using charcoal, achieving some stunning results!


Painting in Virtual Reality with Lee Mason

Wednesday Session

These sessions were so exciting! The students picked up the technique very quickly and were soon producing fantastic three-dimensional virtual art. They particularly enjoyed the sound effects, and the fact that they could teleport around their virtual space to see their artwork from different angles. The photos of the laptop screens show a glimpse of what the students could see, but they really don’t do it justice!

Lee’s website-

Monday 2:30pm Session

Monday 5:00pm Session


Mosaic Flower Pots with Sam Hope

We decorated flower pots and coasters using lots of different glass tiles, beads and buttons. They looked lovely when they were finished!


Giacometti Figures with Ellie

We made sculptures based on the work of Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti using lolly sticks, wire and tin foil. The students came up with some brilliant poses and the results were very effective!


Circle Weaving with Rose Croft

We used coloured yarn and different beads to create wonderful woven patterns. The students got the hang of it quickly and produced some wonderful work!

Rose’s website-


Festival Hair Braids with Rose Croft

We learned how to create colourful clip-in braids using coloured threads. It was a fiddly job- the students showed real patience and concentration!


Discover Arts Award

Session 1

This session was all about discovering the arts around us. We identified different art forms such as photography, painting, sculpture, animation, poetry, drama and music. We sorted photos into the different categories and recorded them in our log books. We then played ‘Creativity Bingo’ (see photo)- our artists had the opportunity to try out a range of media through short activities, ticking them off as they went.

Session 2

In this session we investigated the abstract paintings of British artist Anthony Frost. We researched his life and work as a group, and produced our own work inspired by the techniques and colours he uses. We then reflected on the work we’d done, both in the Arts Award sessions and in other workshops we’d attended, and shared our thoughts with the group. 

At the end, we were presented with mini certificates to show we’d completed the Discover Arts Award course- soon we’ll be receiving official certificates from Trinity College in recognition of all our hard work!

Arts Award- Term 1 Week 5

Cyan Class

Our Discover Arts Award group have been reflecting on their work this week. Part C of the award involves the students sharing their work with people, and so we’d like to share our finished felt pieces with you!

IG‘My favourite thing about my felt craft is how it looks like a sunset. I also like the beads at the top. I really enjoyed it and learnt lots of new skills. It was actually really easy to do and I loved looking at Sam’s work. It was really inspiring’.


‘The thing I loved the most about my felt craft is the colours I chose and my choices of beads. If I had more time I would add more decoration. When my friends commented on my felt craft they said that they liked my range of colours, my bead choices and my simple, bold message. I will definitely be making a felt craft again!’


‘My favourite part of my wet felt was the mixture of colours and how they blend together. My friends said they really liked the face and how it was unique. I also liked how well the antennae look; I made the antennae with pipe cleaners! I really enjoyed the lesson and I would love it if Sam came back and showed us a different mixed media skill.’


‘My favourite part of my wet felt is I could turn it into a bow. My friends said they liked how I did the beads round the outside, the colours I used, and how the buttons fit in with the background.’


‘Wet felting was really fun, though I put too much soap on mine! I liked that the soap was rinsed out of the felt before it dried. My friends said they liked the colours and the beads, and that I drew on the buttons to make a face.’


‘I like the buttons on the tree that I did.’


‘My friends said my work was bright and bold, and they liked my bead choices.’


Indigo Class

Our Bronze Arts Award group worked with printmaker John McGowan this week. John showed us how to print from the perspex plates we’d prepared after our visit to his studio. We rubbed ink onto the plates, then wiped the excess off with a piece of scrim. We soaked a piece of heavyweight watercolour paper in water before blotting it off, then laid it on top of the printing plate. We then placed a thick piece of felt over the top and rolled it through the printing press. We made three prints from our plates in total- next week we’ll choose our favourite one to mount! 

Arts Award- Term 1 Week 3

Cyan Class- Discover Arts Award

Our Discover group spent some time recording last week’s visit from artist Sam Hope in their arts logs. We made a photo collage showing the different stages of the wet felting technique that Sam taught us, and commented on which aspects we enjoyed the most. We then added embellishments to our pieces of felt, using embroidery and beadwork.


Indigo Class- Bronze Arts Award

Our Bronze group worked on their arts logs too, recording our visit to John McGowan’s studio and producing an artist profile. We then had a go at etching onto perspex- we are creating printing plates which we will be printing from with John’s help!

Arts Award Explore

This week our Arts Award students joined forces to share their work with each other! The presenting element forms part of the award at both Discover and Explore levels. Our two Duke of Edinburgh’s Award students have been working towards their Discover awards whilst volunteering with Amber class, and our Explore candidates joined them to discuss their work. They took turns to explain the processes they went through to complete their final projects, used post-it notes to record their thoughts about each other’s work.


Discover Arts Award- Week 5

This week Indigo class completed our textiles project. We chose some fabric to use to create a cushion inspired by the work we saw at the Stamford Arts Centre exhibition. We sewed our fish lino print onto one of the sides, before pinning the two pieces face to face and sewing around the outside. We then turned the cushion the right way out, added stuffing and sewed up the last little bit. We’re really pleased with our results!

Discover Arts Award- Week 3

This week in Indigo Class we continued with our fish-themed printmaking project, inspired by local artist Nicola Elstone’s work. We cut our designs from last week into a piece of lino, which was very fiddly and required a lot of patience and perseverance! Once the designs were complete, we created a series of prints onto thin cardboard, trying out various colour combinations. We finished by printing two of our chosen colourways onto a piece of cotton, ready to develop as a textiles project.

Discover Arts Award- Week 1

Indigo class started their Arts Award journey this week with a visit to the ESCartists exhibition at Stamford Arts Centre. It was a great way to launch the Arts Award course, as the first part of the award is all about discovering the arts around us and recognising just how many art forms there are. We spotted ceramics, textiles, printmaking, painting, sculpture, metalwork and glass, amongst others- all in the same room! We also picked up information about other art forms at the Arts Centre, including theatre, dance and music. We came away feeling really inspired and looking forward to having a go at creating our own versions of some of the artwork we saw.