Collaborative Projects

We are able to work with large groups of children or even whole schools to produce large scale collaborative artwork for permanent display, for example tile mosaics or wood based installations. We would be happy to come in and discuss a tailor made project for your school!

Hampton Hargate Primary School

We recently completed a school wide project at Hampton Hargate Primary School, working with each class over five days. We had 270 Key Stage 1 children producing butterflies, and 360 Key Stage 2 children working on plywood circles. A different artist was chosen to inspire each year group. The children worked really hard and the results were fantastic!

John Clare Primary School

We worked with years 1-6 to create this display on the theme of diversity, as part of the school’s Art Week. Each child produced a circle featuring artwork inspired by different artists from around the world. The circles were all unique and diverse, yet came together to form a colourful tree which takes pride of place in the school hall.

St. John’s Church School

Below is an example of a tile mosaic made with all of the students and staff of St. John’s Church School- self portraits creating the rainbow from the school logo, with each year group represented by a different colour.